4 Tips On How To Avoid Belly Fat While Traveling For Work

When you start traveling for work, everything changes from your diet and how you sleep to how you exercise and engage in physical activities. The point is, traveling for work will alter your life completely, and if you don’t have the right workout or diet plan, you might end doubling your weight. More often your work will force you to travel a lot or spend hours sitting in your office. After longer hours of work, you will be tempted to eat everything you find in business dinners or lunches. The fact is, maintaining a healthy weight is not easy when all you can do is travel, sit at your computer and eat all you can.

If you want to avoid belly fat when traveling for work, here are some few tips that might save you the trouble.

  1. Pack your food

When traveling it is hard to control what you eat, especially if you are relying on what you find at the hotels. Packing your healthy food will save you a lot. You can invest in a medium-sized cooler, add some ice and then pack some healthiest foods you can find. Doing this will save you a lot when you are traveling with a vehicle. However, if you have to use an airplane, you will need a cooler that perfectly fits under a plane seat. Lastly, ensure that you’ve packed enough food that will last the days you have to travel.

  1. Make use of the hotel’s gym

Most hotel gyms offer every equipment you need to stay fit. Whether you want to build muscle, burn fat or just shape your body, you can always benefit by using the right equipment to perform the right exercises. I would suggest that you take advantage of treadmills and dumbbells to burn excess fat. Learn more about additional exercise routines here, bikini body workout plan, challenge, & review.

Here are some best exercises you can perform while at the hotel gym.

  • Treadmill workout – Aim for 8 to 10 minutes of light jogging. If you can, try 20 minutes with some music on.
  • Dumbbell exercises – You can engage in a variety of belly fat-burning exercises such as squat press, workout clean & press, front squats and more. Aim for approximately, two sets of 10 repetitions for each exercise.
  • Regular Sit ups – Another best exercise that will work is regular sit up. Aim for two sets of 10 repetitions. Doing this should take you approximately, 10 minutes.
  1. Use office breaks

Most probably, your eyes won’t be fixed on the computer throughout the day. So, take advantage of the shortest time you can get and perform this exercises.

  • Double knee lifts – While sitting place both your arms on the armrest of your chair. Tighten your abs and with your knees close to each other, bring them towards your chest. When performing this exercise, ensure that you are not leaning forward. Instead, let your abs do the work.
  • Pull up – Ensure that your chair is stable enough to hold your weight. Place both your arms on the armrest of your chair, tighten your abs and then lift yourself up bringing your knees with you. Hold this position for approximately, 8 seconds or as much as you can, return to your seat and then repeat.
  1. Don’t skip meals

You might have thought that skipping meals will help reduce the weight. Well, it can if you can keep skipping. Unfortunately, this rarely works, especially for overeaters. What happens is, if you leave for work without eating, it is likely you will feel hungry and eat more than what you could have eaten before leaving the house. Keep in mind; every bite counts and two bites you take on your way to work might contain two times the amount of calories you could have taken by eating two full plates.

Bonus tips

  • Don’t waste time sitting if you have an opportunity to stand.
  • Drink more water to prevent yourself from eating more
  • Take smaller portions of food or don’t finish everything on your plate.

The final words

It is no secret that many people start becoming fat immediately they graduate and find a job. One fact is, you are never in control of everything that happens around you. Besides, it is hard to make time for some exercise. These few tips will put you in control and save you a lot of trouble.

The Ultimate Guide: Hotel Room Workouts

Trying to figure out how to work out when you are traveling can be a pain in the rear end, especially if your hotel, motel, Holiday Inn doesn’t have a fitness center. Even if it does, it usually has a couple of cheap treadmills and a bike, possibly with a 4-exercise “universal” machine in there. I know this because I have traveled for work and it becomes tough to try to get a workout in. What’s cool about being a certified personal trainer is that I get to learn to create workouts and experience how people create workouts that can be done in the shortest amount of time or the smallest amount of space. So, I have created a hotel room workout that you don’t need anything more than a floor space, a chair or a bed (I think they are still furnishing hotel rooms with these), and a desire to maximize your workout minute.

503-workout-to-toThis is an exercise I developed because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired when I went somewhere. I adjusted it with some workouts that I learned from my martial arts conditioning. And I am going to deliver it to you to save you from your traveling woes because you’re not able to get a good workout on the road. I know it is frustrating when you are on an exercise and diet program, going along great, and then have to be on the road for a week or more. It can ruin your motivation. But don’t worry, here is your workout routine you can do on your own.

The following workout is high intensity so you should make sure you consult your physician or health-care provider before changing or initiating an exercise or nutrition routine. But here is what I do on the road. If you don’t know what a burpee is, it is also known as a squat thrust. You begin in standing position, squat down and put your hands on the ground in front of you (about shoulder-width apart), pushed both your legs out behind you to where you end up in a push-up position. Now bring your feet back in together to where you have squatted again, stand up and jump off the ground toward the ceiling. So that is my travel fat loss workout.

Vacations or business trips can cause you to stop your regular workout routine for a while, but with some alterations, you can still get your exercise while on the road. Good news is, some workouts can be done in the comfort of your hotel or hostel room, in a small space. Don’t be misled because these may seem like silly workouts, but you’ll break a sweat and burn calories. You can do these simple exercises just about anywhere that you have a little bit of space. If you are serious about working out with little to no equipment, consider calisthenics or street workout. Click here to learn all about Bar Brothers beginner workout.

One of the best workout for your midsection and upper body is planks. Planks are an isometric exercise, meaning that it is based on maintaining a resistance to your muscles, and the exercise requires no movement. The plank position is little different than the push-up position; only you support your weight with your elbows rather than your hands. Your elbows should form a 90-degree angle between your upper and lower arms, and you will need to keep your back straight with your head pointing. When your head begins to drop, that is a sign of fatigue and should signal you to continue your workout after a short break. Planks can provide an effective core workout if you do them correctly.

You can workout at a hotel room by following a short workout schedule and routine. You can combine your regular workout sand keep your body and mind working. Start with a 5 minute warm up with jumping jacks. Do 1-minute sets with a 30-second break in between, and this will get your heart rate up and get your muscles ready for a workout. Next, you will work your whole body for about 5 minutes with three sets of 10 push-ups with 30-second breaks in between each set. Then a set of 8 push-ups, a 1-minute break, and finally a set of 6 push-ups. Continue your workout with 5 minutes of squats, 10 minutes of cardiovascular, and a 5 minute cool down with crunches. This 30-minute workout can be modified to fit your schedule, or you can make exercises easier or tougher. Either way, you have a complete workout without the need for equipment.

You can work out any part of your body with these exercises, including your abs, legs, arms, or your whole body. You don’t need a big gym with expensive equipment as an excuse to get out of shape during your trips. Just follow these basic workouts to stay active.

Michael Phelps doesn’t neglect exercise, no matter where he is in the world. Using some hotel room workouts, he stays in shape while globetrotting.

Secrets to Travel Workouts: Yoga, Pilate, and More!


How many times have you gone on a vacation or a trip and have wanted to exercise – but did not?

I travel on a business trip a lot. If you are like me, you always want to work out. But sometimes it just does not happen. Today I have some tips to share with those who want to work out and are not too tired to sneak in a few workouts while at a hotel room.

Most people have the intention to be active while on a trip. But it’s hard mostly due to schedule conflict with work, friends or families. Let’s make travel workouts simple tasks!

Plan ahead

When on a vacation or a trip, plan on the followings:

  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • How


95-0726_purple_aWhat types of exercise are available and are easy enough for you to do? For example, cardiovascular, HIIT, yoga, etc. If the hotel you are staying at has a gym room, then use that. There may be gym equipment you can utilize such as dumbbells or a trade mill. But if you are like me, I like to slip in a few workouts right in my room. I pick exercises that require no or minimal equipment (i.e. a chair). Yoga is typically my go-to workout. I recently found a fantastic course on DVDs called Yoga Burn. I highly recommend it if you are a beginner to an intermediate practitioner. But don’t take my word for it, you can read a public Yoga Burn by Zoe reviews – Her Yoga Secrets DVD here.


There are typically two choices if you are on a business trip: your room or the hotel’s gym (or the pool if it is available). If you have more time, you can try to find a trial in the city, ocean, sidewalk, park, sports field, etc.


The time of day in which you choose to exercise largely depends on your schedule. If you are an early bird, then an hour or two before you need to head out is ideal. If you are on vacation, then anytime that works best for you. The goal here is to plan ahead and know when you will work out to ensure that it will happen.


The ‘how’ is a subsequent decision based on the three factors mentioned above. For example, if you choose to exercise in your hotel room, then you can walk for five minutes to warm up, then do a few yoga poses. If you are not in the yoga mood, then try three sets of squats, three sets of chair dips, three sets of crunches and three sets of standing calf raises. When you are finished, do another five-minute walk to cool down. Repeat as much as you are comfortable.

If you are not restricted to your hotel room, you can walk or jog for ten minutes to warm up. Then do regular push-ups, dips on a bench, jumping jacks, and crunches until burn.

If you choose the pool, you may want to do freestyle swim with thirty light style or butterfly, then another minute freestyle swimming.


I hope this guide gives you an idea to start thinking about what to do when you are on your next business trip or a vacation. Remember to stretch before warming up and after cooling down to prevent injuries and soreness. I always pack with me a good pair of running shoes and workout clothes. Be sure to stay hydrated. Lastly, be mindful of your meals and limit your sugar or processed foods intake.

A few tips on diets. Protein sources should be lean red meat. The greener the vegetables, the better. As for fruits, choose slow-absorbing fruits like apples, strawberries, grapefruits or blueberries. If possible, try to have small 4-6 meals a day, every 2-3 hours. Your metabolism can slow down if you stay hungry for too long.

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