Assessment of Property Management Fees Charged to Hotel Personnel

Should you as a property owner and client of the tourist hotel have excessive fees extracted from you just because someone at the management firm claims that it took X number of hours to do the work in a unit that should have been reasonably clean, to begin with? If you’re skeptical about the charges for “spring cleaning,” then it’s best to either do the work yourself or hire a reputable independent cleaning service. The place will look just as good, and you will save substantial amounts of money each year.

It is not always easy to find the right combination of excellent customer service, reasonable commission rates, and high-quality care for rental properties and hotel management services. Even if you have to pay a slightly higher commission rate, you will more than make up for it with increased bookings, better service, and fewer problems. If you own any rental property, then On-line booking capability is another big issue, especially when you realize that searching on the Internet is rapidly becoming the research method of choice for both vacation rentals and long term rentals. Any hotel or guesthouse that does not offer this service is way behind the times and should not even be considered.

The Internet is an excellent tool for both marketing all types of rental properties and managing the vacation rental business. Hotel managers should select a rental agent who cares enough about you as a client to market your property 24 hours a day on the Internet. Remember, when the rental office is closed, the only way that someone can book your unit is on-line via the Internet. If your property manager does not offer this service, you are losing business. Customers who search on-line usually want to book on-line, and they will go somewhere else if they cannot book your property at the moment they are ready to make to a buying decision!

Hotel owners are also encouraged not to settle for anything less than excellent customer service, a responsive, well-trained, and professional staff, and owners who are available and care about you and your property. Your rental property is a significant investment, and having the right management services can make a lot of difference in your annual rate of return and the long term value that you derive from the property.

When hotel personnel are comparing the services and fees of property management firms, it’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Sectional Title Agents in Pretoria can make an argument in favor of charging monthly administrative fees for short term vacation rental properties as they require more hands-on attention to paperwork with guests always going and coming. Charging this type of payment to the owner of a long-term rental property when all the paperwork is done upfront when the lease is signed is merely a form of gouging and should not be tolerated. Processing fees for vacation rental properties are another bone of contention. The Internet is an excellent tool for both marketing all types of rental properties and managing the vacation rental business.