Different Types Of Fragrances Hotel Workers Can Choose From

People aren’t usually aware of the fact that there are different perfumes types. There are 2 basic types of fragrances, which includes the difference in the construction of fragrances. It mainly deals with the ingredients contained in a particular perfume, the concentrations used etc.

It isn’t really essential for you to know the fragrance types in order to enjoy the perfumes. However, it might help you in choosing the appropriate fragrance according to your taste and personality.

Fragrances are traditionally developed with the use of 3 stages formulation. These stages are classified as fragrance ‘notes’- Top notes, Middle notes and Base notes are the basic classifications.

Top notes are essentially the scent that gives you the very first impression of fragrance. It usually comprises of lighter and volatile ingredients that spread the fragrance, thus making you feel fresh.  Top notes typically include citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon and bergamot; aldehyde and green notes like galbanum, mint and pine.

Middle notes enhance the fragrance when the top notes tend to bled with them. This is often called the heart of fragrance. Middle notes are basically the dominant fragrances that keep the scent alive for long. These are further used for classifying the fragrance families into woody, oriental and floral fragrances.

Base notes make for the underlying fragrance tones that give it a long-lasting appeal. This particular note is made from the less volatile ingredients that include vanilla, rare wood and amber.

All these different notes make the traditional fragrances and it is very important to maintain the transition of these notes in order to create a harmonious blend of the ingredients. In the recent times however, another type of fragrance has evolved that doesn’t have any discarnate transition. These fragrances have a typical vertical formulation and a single note.

The importance of knowing how to apply fragrance for hotel staff

It is very important to understand how these fragrances are formulated and how they react when worn. It actually helps you in testing the perfumes before you buy them. What do you usually do when you are buying a perfume? You spray a bit on your skin and sniff. While this gives you some impression about the fragrance it is just not enough for you to understand what the true fragrance is like. This becomes more of an issue in case of traditional fragrances where just a sniff can’t help you to decide the true fragrance of the perfume. Once you have developed an understanding about perfumes and the fact that this needs time you won’t try to judge a fragrance on the first impression. So do keep these points in mind next time you go looking for a fragrance including bath products for women.