Salon Can Target Hotel Employees As A Business Plan To Increase Their Market

The choice of services for your salon should be described early in your salon business plan so as to be clear to readers what the salon will do for customers. As the term “salon” includes hair salons, nail salons, spa salons, beauty salons, and more, the service options for your business are wide and depend on your expertise and these considerations.

Service Options

You can try to focus on one of these categories only or try to serve a combination. By focusing on just one category, you can build operations and staff around serving one need very well. Your salon will require less equipment and fewer types of skilled labor. In this situation, you must seek to build a high volume of customers through walk-ins, referrals, and repeat customers.

If you provide a combination of beauty services, you should look to provide a greater number of services and products to each individual who enters your doors. You must try to become a one-stop shop in this case, and increase the average amount each customer spends with you. There will be new operational challenges in this case, from the requirement from a greater variety of tools and equipment to skilled labor who may or may not be able or interested in cross-training (a hair stylist might prefer to go to another salon rather than learn how to do facial treatments).

Skill Level Required

For many salon services, a large portion of the work can be done by lower skilled labor, without staff requiring deep experience or certifications. For example, a lower skill assistant could wash and dry hair, letting a stylist cut. If your salon can achieve the volume of customers needed, you can split your services into their low-skill and high-skill components and hire lower paid assistants to take on part of the work. When choosing your services, consider if you could increase the number of customers you could serve per hour or day with this greater efficiency and make up for the increase in wages.

Customers in hospitality industry can be a good niche to target

Finally, your choice of services should take into account the customers you want to serve. If you envision your salon as a family-friendly location, you may want to add services and entertainment for children and men, rather than simply deepen the services you offer for women. If you have this family-friendly atmosphere, but services primarily for women, you may find that neither families nor single women want to return to your salon. Your salon can’t be everything to everyone, so make sure your operations and services match your marketing and brand. Go into the mobile hair stylist market as well.